Advances in Databases

13th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 13, Manchester, United Kingdom, July 12 - 14,1995.Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 940

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InhaltsangabeObject databases and standards.- Multimedia database management: Perspectives and challenges.- Combining inheritance and parametric polymorphism in a functional database language.- Extending functional database languages to update completeness.- Recognizing graphic detail an experiment in user interpretation of data models.- The pragmatics of naive database enquiry.- Using a conceptual data language to describe a database and its interface.- Scheduling query plans with buffer-requirement estimates.- Optimization of spatial joins using filters.- An efficient transient versioning method.- Concurrency control of tiered flat transactions.- Two-step pruning: A distributed query optimization algorithm.- Text search using database systems revisited - Some experiments.- Integrity merging in an object-oriented federated database environment.- The architecture of the ICL GOLDRUSH MegaSERVER.- W-SQL an interface for scalable, highly parallel, database machines.